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It can be a frustrating affair when you order something online but are only given a rough estimate of when your courier or postman might show up, even then there is the likelihood they may show up when you are not at home. Thankfully ŠKODA is currently working on a Simply Clever solution to make life easier.

Following a trial phase in 2019, Skoda is rolling out an initial pilot scheme in Prague where ŠKODA vehicle owners can have packages delivered directly to their vehicles. This will effectively turn ŠKODA’s into functional and personalised mailboxes for all those occasions where you can’t

Utilising ŠKODA Care Connect: Remote Access Package, customers will be able to allow service partners and couriers to locate a car via GPS and unlock/lock the vehicle using mobile app technology. In terms of security, a courier can only unlock a car once within an approved time window.

Powered by Car Access, it allows for ŠKODA owners to use their vehicle in smarter ways when parked and make their busy lives easier and more time-efficient. This infographic from ŠKODA highlights how the service works and its benefits to the end-user.

With cars becoming smarter and having more integration with our mobile devices we think this is potentially a brilliant idea in the making. There will no doubt be things that need to be worked on before a broader release, but the potential benefits add that additional value to owning a Skoda vehicle beyond it just being a great branded vehicle to drive.

Currently, there is no confirmed released date for the services or delivery/courier partners outside of the Czech Republic but should the rollout of the pilot continue to build upon the positive tests and results, we could certainly see the service rollout to other international markets.

If you are still unsure about the possibilities of ŠKODA’s Car Access delivery services, this explainer helps guide you through and explains how the process is currently working in a safe, secure, and simply clever way.

Published: 20 Sep 2021