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The new fourth-generation Skoda Fabia is finally upon us and makes a whole array of improvements to the existing range, which is great news for fans of the award-winning Fabia. While all the new features and options are great, it wouldn’t be a Skoda without some simply clever features that you may not know about.

One of these is baked into the very essence of the new Fabia’s exterior design which provides enhancements inside and out to benefit drivers. The fourth-generation Fabia was designed with sophisticated aerodynamics, producing a best-in-class drag coefficient of cd = 0.28. In simple terms it means that this Fabia generates lower emissions and has reduced fuel consumption, thus making it more economical and environmentally friendly.

This impressive feature is achieved despite the new Skoda Fabia being larger than previous models, especially in the frontal area, and yet still achieving a 10% reduction in the drag coefficient. All of which was achieved with close collaboration between designers, engineers, and aeroacoustics specialists, resulting in the Fabia keeping its iconic design, while also looking fresh and modern.

It’s not just the size of the Fabia that has contributed to the increase in terms of performance, but also several other simply clever changes that have contributed to achieving best-in-class performance. New innovative cooling shutters in the air intake, which have been specially pioneered by Skoda make a big difference, especially when you consider this is the first time, we are seeing the feature in this vehicle segment. When little cooling is required, the active slats in the intake will close improving the aerodynamics and reducing the drag. If the engine requires high amounts of cooling, the slats will open to improve the airflow through the system, maximising the airflow. The front of the Fabia also features Air Curtains which help to direct airflow past the body’s side panels and wheel arches, generating optimal aerodynamic efficiency.

The airflow underneath the Fabia has also been improved, which when combined with the long rear spoiler and side finlets, helps to reduce drag and turbulence at the rear of the car. In a first for the Fabia, new special plastic inserts help make the alloy wheels more aerodynamic, while the exterior mirrors direct air straight towards separation edges on the taillights, rounding out a complete aerodynamic overhaul for the Fabia.

As a driver of the new fourth-gen Fabia, you will benefit from all of these hidden, but simply cleaver features, in both performance and economical value. The best part? It makes the iconic Fabia even more stunning, and you can order yourself one today. Contact our sales team today to find out more about the new Fabia and how you can order yours today!

Published: 09 Aug 2021