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We are only a couple of weeks into the new year and this got us thinking about what 2020 has instore for Škoda. After much discussion amongst our team, here are our Top 5 things we are looking forward to hopefully seeing this year:

1. The first all-electric Škoda, Citigoe iV hits the roads.

The first Citigoe iV’s have already begun rolling off the production line in the run-up to the official launch. You can even order one from us today. What makes this exciting is that it marks the beginning of Škoda’s e-mobility concept in action. We can’t wait to show off the Citigoe iV in our dealerships and let people get hands-on with the latest cutting-edge electric vehicle tech.

2. An all-new Superb hybrid will launch

The Škoda Superb had a fantastic year in 2019 with a complete facelift and new trims being announced including the Superb Sportsline and the L&K trim. Also announced at the IAA Frankfurt motor show was the Škoda Superb iV. The first-ever plug-in hybrid in the Škoda Superb range.

The new hybrid features a whole range of smart systems allowing the driver to choose between driving modes and is optimised to switch between engines and motors to ensure that it minimises consumption while meeting the driver’s requirement. We are excited to see more of the Superb iV in the next 12 months and discover more about how it has built upon the existing Superb range models.

3. An update on the Skoda Vision iV

Last year we saw the unveiling of the Škoda Vision iV at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then things have been a little quiet regarding the production version of the Vision iV. We know that the Vision GT is coming to China soon and the Vision IN compact SUV will be unveiled at the Auto Expo in New Delhi in February, but what about the Vision iV?

Well, hopefully, we will hear more from Škoda this year regarding the production version of the Vision iV as early test drives have been greeted positively and we have seen a lot of excitement about the design on social media. The as the Vision range continues to grow, we are keeping our fingers crossed for more announcements on the Vision iV.

4. The latest Student Škoda concept car

Last year, Škoda trainee engineers came up with the impressive and well-received Mountiaq concept pickup truck. The tradition of Škoda concepts being made by trainee engineers has been in practice since 2014 and continues to deliver some great design concepts.

We have seen a whole range of different ideas over the years including the Fabia FUNstar, the Citigo inspired Element beach buggy, the Sunroq and the Atero. Each one bringing a unique flavour of design to traditional Škoda model. We really can’t wait to see what the latest creation will be from this year’s team of trainee engineers. 

5. This year’s car shows and announcements!

The Geneva Motor show, IAA Frankfurt Motor and Los Angles Motor show were packed full of new announcements and world premieres for upcoming Škoda models.  As Škoda ramps up its production of electric vehicles, we anticipate that will be plenty of new announcements to come this year. It is also a great opportunity to see what Škoda has in store for us in the following year. Rumour has it we even see the public debut of the Octavia VRS at the Geneva Motor Show. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to see if the rumour is true and see other announcements as the 2020 Geneva Motor Show starts on March 5th.   

These are our top 5 things we are looking forward to this year but more importantly, what are you looking forward to from Škoda in 2020?

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Published: 20 Jan 2020