Wolverhampton - Stourbridge - Redditch

Skoda student car design projects have always produced some fascinating designs over the years. This year’s project called the AZUBI is no different in piquing great interest. The concept design is built upon the existing Skoda Kamiq and reimagines it as a rally car, designed for desert racing suited to legendary rallies such as the Dakar Rally.

Skoda has put together a video to explain more about the design process of the project and the philosophy of completely transforming an existing Skoda model into a unique and exciting concept design.

We can’t wait to see the fully working concept in motion and up and running especially when you consider some of the previous models dreamt up by past student design teams. The Skoda Mountiaq and the Skoda Sunroq are models that certainly stick out in our minds as excellent entries over the years.

These are just a few of the designs we have seen over the years, let us know which is your favourite in the comments on our Facebook pages.

Published: 02 Nov 2021