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Have you ever wondered what the iconic Skoda 1203 would look like in modern times? Well, wonder no more as Skoda designer Daniel Hájek’s recent design study reimagines what a future version of 1203 would look like.

The original and iconic Skoda 1203 was first revealed in September 1968 at an engineering trade fair in Brno. The vans were the ideal utility vehicle in eastern Europe and were easily modified for various functions such as becoming a minibus, a van, and flatbed trucks. There was even an ambulance and hearse version. The popular utility vehicle was powered by a four-cylinder OHV engine generating 38 kW and was produced right up until the late 1990s.

As part of the icon makeover series by Skoda, Daniel Hájek was tasked with bringing the 1203 into the 21st century. Utilising practicality as well as including a lot of interior space and Skoda Simply Clever solutions, Daniel reimagined the new 1203 as a modern camper with a pop-top roof that would not look out of place in the current Skoda vehicle line up.

Daniel tried to avoid going for that typical retro design in favour of a more modern design that not only paid homage to the legendary vehicle but also retained the core 1203 features such as its circular headlights and narrow roof lines.

Using the Transporter platform of the Volkswagen group, the idea would be to make the modern 1203 all electric that would “allow for even better use of space” within the design. 

What Daniel created, with the modern 1203, looks stunning and is certainly in line with modern Skoda design. The Skoda ethos of Simply Clever Design is prominent. Inside the modern 1203 there is a minimalist feel with only a small digital dashboard and a slide out shelf. The infotainment system is not present in the dashboard, but Daniel says it is for a good reason.  

“The idea is that the driver uses his own device, like a smartphone or tablet, to access this information,” says Daniel, adding that he could, of course, design a special app for these devices to control the vehicle’s functions.

The modern 1203 looks amazing and while Skoda’s Daniel Hájek has done an amazing design study of the 1203 and brought it into modern times, we cannot help feeling disappointed that we may never see his vision on the roads. It does however give us an insight into the design philosophy that we are starting to see in the Skoda Enyaq iV, VISION iV…  that makes us excited about what the range of Skoda vehicles will look like in the future.


Source: https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/en/innovation/icons-get-a-makeover-a-practical-camper-van/

Published: 08 Feb 2021