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Christmas is of course about spending time with loved ones and sharing a few days off having a nice meal and plenty of festive chocolates. It’s also the time for giving and we all like to receive presents and gifts!

You might already have your favourite Skoda car but what gifts do you get for the ultimate Skoda fan that will probably already have everything they need?

Don’t worry, we have put together a handy list of gifts for the ultimate Skoda fan and some gifts that you can also pick up from our dealerships.


Model Fabia R5 / Model Skoda 860

Models are a great way of remembering classic and iconic cars regardless of whether it’s a modern car or classic from the history books. Skoda has such a rich heritage of automotive expertise, we can imagine that its pretty difficult to pick a favourite model, let alone buy one as a gift. Luckily there are two great models that you can pick up. The modern and already iconic Fabia R5 which has been tearing up world rally competitions around the world. For those who prefer a more classic remind of Skoda history, there is the Skoda 860 model. A classic luxury model from the 1930s which looks great in any collection.



Cycling jacket

While driving may be your main choice of transport, plenty of people like to cycle. We reckon it might be due to the recent winners of the Tour de France that has inspired a nation. With this handy cycling jacket, you can show your support for the yearly race, safe in the knowledge that this jacket has been thoroughly been put through its paces (and looking cool in the process).

Stainless steel Thermo mug

You might be asking what is so special about a thermal travel mug, everyone has one these days, right? Well, this one is particularly stylish and is black stainless steel which ensures that its high quality. Pretty study and difficult to damage and will match the ensemble of your car too. Perfect for those cold morning and winter drives.

Yeti plush toy

To celebrate the launch of the Skoda Yeti, this adorable mythical creature was turned into a cute and cuddly plushie. The Yeti looks nothing like the description of a menacing beast roaming snow covered mountains. It certainly a great gift for those with children or those who like collecting strange cuddly beasts.

Tour de France 2019 tickets

The Tour de France has grown rapidly in popularity due to the recent charismatic charms of the winners such as Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and the most recent winner Geraint Thomas. Skoda has been sponsoring the event since 2004 and supply’s all the officials and most of the team vehicles. What better way to see the peak performance of your favourite Skoda while taking in the drama and excitement of the Tour De France? The 2019 tour will start in July with the starting point location of Brussels. A European city break, Skoda’s a plenty and dramatic sport, what more could you ask for?


Those are just a few suggestions from us about idea gifts for the Skoda fans and owners in your life. If your passing by our dealerships, you can also pop in and pick up these great festive gifts from our sales team as displayed here by Kodi bear!


  • Skoda Teddy bear £15
  • Skoda Thermos Mug £12
  • Soda Winter Sledge £5
  • Skoda Shovel £15

We hope that this has given you some inspiration to pop down and see us!


Published: 22 Nov 2018