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Vehicles we drive are extremely important to us as we use them every day for all kinds of things. We name them, clean them, maintain them and make memories. But how much do we know about their heritage and background?

To tackle that, we thought we would take a dive into our archives and pull out our favourite fun facts about Skoda to showcase its rich heritage!

  • The most expensive Skoda ever built is not actually a vehicle as such. In 2007, costing an estimated £500,000 to make; Skoda built a replica Fabia cake. Eight chefs and model makers took 10 days to mix, bake and build the sweet looking car while filming the advert at Shepperton Studios. The life-sized cake weighed a tonne and a half and even included a replica engine oiled with Golden Syrup, Rice Krispies moldings and a grill of chocolate fingers. It is still remembered today as a sweet reminder of the Skoda Fabia.

  • Skoda has the Guinness world record for the longest-running sponsorship of a sporting world championship. For the last 25 years, they have sponsored the Ice Hockey World Championships organised by the International Ice Hockey Federation.


  • The new Skoda Kodiaq RS was unveiled at the recent 2018 Paris motor show. What you might not know about the Kodiaq is that it is already a record breaker. Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz took the seven-seater SUV around the track and set a time of 9:29.84 minutes. The sporty SUV set a new track record for its vehicle class. Pretty impressive, yes?


  • Laurence Baldauff (Olympic Archer) and Markus Hass set a new world record for the farthest arrow fired and caught in a moving vehicle. Organised by Skoda Austria, the pair used an Octavia combi vRS245 to achieve the feat. The record for others to beat now stands at 188ft and 7.775 inches. You can see Laurence, Markus and Guido achieve the feat for yourself. Pretty impressive performance from both the Octavia vRS and the team in breaking the record? 

So next time the vehicles category come up in a quiz, you be able to use these facts to score some extra points and show off your awesome vehicle knowledge. Or at the very least you will have some fun facts to talk about with our friendly sales team the next time you pop in to have a chat.


Published: 17 Oct 2018