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Fresh from winning the Honest John Index Car of the Year 2018, the Skoda Kodiaq is still making great headlines. A new flagship model is set to be released exclusively in China. Unveiled at the recent Guangzhou Motor Show, the Skoda Kodiaq GT was revealed to be entering the range of SUV’s in China that currently includes the Kamiq, Karoq and the standard Kodiaq.

It will be the first coupé SUV model within the range designed specifically for the Chinese market. The Kodiaq GT will be the first Skoda in China to be sporting the newly rounded logo lettering located with the centre of the tailgate.

A lot of thought and design has gone into how the excellent original Kodiaq could be improved upon. The GT model is 4.63 metres long and includes LED lights in the front and rear while maximising the impact of the sloping roofline into the tailgate. This is coupled with the sidelines being chiselled into giving the GT that distinctive coupe feel design. It might not seem like much difference, but it definitely gives a more defined look over the normal Kodiaq design we are accustomed to.  

The GT will feature the latest specs internally including a fully customisable virtual cockpit, wi-fi access and mirror link. There is also Apple CarPlay and Baidu’s Carlife. The range of options means that everyone in the GT can keep connected however they prefer to do so and ensuring you don’t miss anything important while driving.  

There will be two engine choices for customers in China. There will be able to select from a 2.0 TSI 186PR front wheel drive model or a 2.0TSI 220PS all-wheel drive with seven-speed direct shift gearbox. Whichever option, the driver is guaranteed the GT performance. This is also combined with driver assistance and blind spot detector, front assist and adaptive cruise control with stop-go function.

The Kodiaq GT marks a big step in Skoda’s overall growth strategy and plans within China which is a great step forward. Sadly, the Kodiaq GT is designed for the Chinese market so it is more than likely that it won’t be making its way to European shores just yet.

That’s okay in our book because the current Kodiaq has been scooping up numerous cars of the year awards which is a testament to the currently available models. Besides, if you're looking for a sportier Kodaiq, there is always the Sportsline edition.

You can book a test drive for both with our sales team today and see just how good the current models really are!


Published: 10 Dec 2018