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In the early days of Skoda, the company was originally known for creating and manufacturing bicycles by Skoda’s founding fathers Laurin and Klement.

Over 124 years later and Skoda is going back to its roots with the creation of the Skoda Klement.

The new electric bicycle is designed with micro-mobility in mind to tackle the challenges of transport in urban areas.  Modern cities struggle with pollution, noise, public transport systems and traffic.  The Klement presents itself as a potential solution to tackle these problems and better improve urban spaces on an individual level.

The innovative concept is also designed to deliver on sustainability and form part of the future Skoda eMobility strategy. The Klement does not have any visible levers or cables. Instead, the rider’s feet rests on fixed pedals. The rider then tilts their foot forward to accelerate and tilts it backwards to brake.

The Klement has a hub motor which powers acceleration and a hydraulic disc brake with ABS with regenerative braking at the rear wheel.  The hub motor can output up to 4kW of electric power allowing the clement to reach speeds of 27mph with a range of around 38 miles. The system is designed to be charged using a household plug socket but riders can also charge the Klement while riding through brake energy recuperation (a bit like the F1 KERS system).

To complement the simply clever design that powers the Klement, the aesthetics look great. There is an integrated LED headlight system that includes LED indicators integrated into the pedals and features daytime running light. A smartphone holder with inductive charging just behind the handlebars is a key feature of the e-bikes full connectivity potential.

Smartphones are at the heart of the Klements functionality and includes features such as the Coming Home function, the automatically triggered Emergency call and other features that include remote diagnostics and maintenance updates.

The Klement is currently a concept at the moment but a production version is in development and more features will potentially be added including assistance systems, Function on Demand and special mousse tyre utilising shock-absorbing foam to give a quiet and comfortable ride. 

There is no word yet on when a production model may hit the market but you can see the official unveiling of the Klement concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor show below.

Published: 08 Apr 2019