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Besides producing high performance and cleverly designed cars for general driving, Skoda also produces some phenomenal and breath-taking concept cars. Back in November, the wrappers were taken off to reveal the Skoda Vision RS. Now in the run-up to the 2019 Geneva Motor show, Skoda has unveiled the Vision iV concept study.  


The Vision iV is a concept study into the future of electric cars within Skoda. The Vision iV has been based around the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) which serves as the driving force behind the four-door crossover coupe.

The design keeps the traditional Skoda defining front grill and places it into a sharp line and edgy futuristic design. The coupe body is more pronounced than normal and takes full advantage of the flared mudguards and tornado line to connect the front and rear of the car. The look is completed by the flowing roofline bringing together the clean sharp lines and surfaces.

 There are a few surprises within the design such as cameras that replace the traditional exterior side mirrors and the removal of traditional door handles. It truly is a stunning looking car and that’s before you look at the interior.

 Utilising the MEB platform, Skoda has been able to transform the interior to create a more spacious and innovative functional interior. The centre panel now provides plenty of accessible storage space for both the driver and the passenger freeing up space on the elevated console. The instrument panel consists of two levels with a free-standing screen that appears to hover over the central instrument panel with touch controls located on a ledge for accessing the touchscreen. The Infotainment system includes additional functionality by allowing for two mobile phones to be wirelessly charged along with being able to integrate into the entertainment system.


This sketch gives some insight into the design of the concept study and some of the design philosophy that may be implemented into the future of Skoda electromobility. With Skoda planning to have 10 electrified vehicle models by the end of 2022, this gives us an insight into what we might see in the years to come.

There is no denying the Vision iV looks stunning and Skoda has confirmed that there will be a production model at some point in 2020 that will be built upon the MEB platform. If you missed the premiere of the Skoda Vision iV at the 2019 Geneva Motor show, fear not as you can see it again in the video below:

Published: 11 Mar 2019