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Next year will see the first of many new vehicle’s new cars. We have already seen the fantastic and stunning Vision RS revealed and soon Skoda will be unveiling the brand-new Scala. Unlike the Vision RS, we haven’t seen much of the Scala yet. The cars official unveiling will take place in December. Think of it as Skoda’s way of giving fans one last surprise before the end of the year. 

So, what do we actually know about the Skoda Scala at the moment?

Well actually, we don’t know a lot at the moment. What we do know is the Scala will be receiving the same design treatment as the stunning Vision RS that was announced earlier in the year. Drivers of the Scala will be able to customise the vehicles ambience with interior lighting in a choice or white or red light which is designed to blend into the stitching and craftwork of the interior seating to convey the feeling of comfort and space when driving.

Additionally, there is the new presence of a brand-new freestanding infotainment display within the driver’s immediate field of view. You might think this could be distracting but it has been designed and positioned in line with the contour of the bonnet to ensure that this is not the case as it seamlessly blends into the design flow. This is combined with the Scala featuring a fully customisable virtual cockpit screen (one of the biggest in its vehicle class). The virtual cockpit measures 10.25 inches and offers five different views with full touchscreen dimensions of 9.2inches.

So far on paper then, the interior has all the mod cons along with some great new features for modern driving. However, it is not until you see the interior that you really start to see the Scala come alive. Skoda design has given us a sneak peek of the interior prior to the official unveiling which we think looks amazing!  

In regards to the exterior, we will have to wait for a little longer (not too much longer) before the wraps are taken off and the Scala is presented to the world. 

There have been a few lucky people that have been able to test an early version of the Scala but those versions have been wrapped and covered up so as not to spoil the surprise of the unveiling. For now, we will leave you with this teasing, unwrapped shot of this exciting hatchback. We can’t wait to see the Scala unveiled properly next month!


Published: 12 Nov 2018