Wolverhampton - Stourbridge - Redditch

After a huge success on their Cancer Awareness charity day, the Redditch Volkswagen and Skoda teams feel they should do it again! 

With Christmas soon approaching, what better way to raise money for charity than having a Christmas Jumper Day!


On 16th December, each member of the team will donate at least £2 to wear a Christmas jumper. They can also enter a Woolly Wondrous Sweepstake for at least £2, where they will have the chance to win £15.



The money raised will go to Save the Children. The charity was set up almost 100 years ago by sisters Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton. It is now a global organisation that aims to protect all children from a life of poverty. They want to give all children an education, their health and help in emergencies or disasters. They believe every child should have a future!

Their work has ranged from supporting children who were evacuated in WWII, to providing responses to the deadly Ebola virus outbreak. 

We will let you know how much the team raises for this wonderful charity, so keep a look out! 

Published: 16 Nov 2016  under Redditch Redditch Volkswagen Redditch Skoda Charity Škoda