Skoda on Tour Quiz

22 Aug 2019 

The summer holidays present the perfect opportunity to escape the house and go out and explore. But how do you fill the time while you are undertaking your journey? Read more

Skoda UK finishes in the top 10

19 Aug 2019 

The Skoda International Challenge is an annual event designed to test the best of the best on their knowledge of Skoda and their Technical abilities. In its 9th year, the 2019 International Challenge finals were held in Sibenik, Croatia. Read more

The future of Cycling

12 Aug 2019 

At Skoda, we are always looking to the future especially when it comes to maintaining the heritage of our cycling origins. Over the last few years, we have been heavily involved with developing the future of cycling in a number of ways. Read more

Skoda continues to support women cyclists

05 Aug 2019 

Skoda has a very long history with cycling given that Skoda first started out making bikes over 120 years ago. Fast forward to current times and Skoda still continues to support and engage with cycling in different ways. From developing new products such as the Klement micro-mobility bike to sponsoring the Tour de France and providing logistical support for the competition. Read more

The Skoda Mountiaq concept impresses

22 Jul 2019 

Students from the Skoda Auto Secondary Vocational School of Engineering have taken the award-winning Skoda Kodiaq and developed a brand-new impressive concept vehicle. Codenamed the Skoda ‘Mountiaq’, this pickup truck combines the performance of a touch SUV with the functionality of pick-up trucks. Read more

Meet the Skoda Vision GT

08 Jul 2019 

Back in March, Skoda introduced the world to the impressive looking Skoda Vision iV. Fast forward a few months later and the Vision range is getting a new concept study car called the Skoda Vision GT. The new SUV has been designed with the city and urban areas in mind and features an above average amount of interior space to ensure that comfort and performance are matched together. Read more

Skoda Stourbridge is evolving

05 Jul 2019 

We have some exciting news for our new and existing customers who often visit our Skoda Stourbridge site. After many years of planning and collecting your feedback, we are pleased to announce that Skoda Stourbridge will be moving to a brand-new site. Read more

Skoda announces a brand-new Superb Hybrid

01 Jul 2019 

Last month we revealed the new Superb refresh and facelift that is coming to the Superb range. As part of the Skoda unveiling, it was also revealed that the Superb range will also be getting some exciting new models and trims. The Skoda Superb iV is a brand-new plug-in hybrid electric that will be entering the range. The Superb iV will combine both an internal combustion engine, an electric motor and a large rechargeable battery. Read more

The Skoda Quiz

28 Jun 2019 

At Trust Skoda, we are super nerds and love getting involved in quizzes. We know that you love them too (and of course the bragging rights when you get them all correct). Read more

How well do you know Skoda?

24 Jun 2019 

Skoda is now in its 124th year of automotive history and is still continuing to produce new and innovative exciting cars. Skoda has already introduced us to some brand-new models and trims already this year as well as revealing its future plans for e-mobility. Read more

Introducing the new all electric Skoda CITIGOe iV

06 Jun 2019 

Skoda has finally revealed its first ever all-electric vehicle as part of it's future e-mobility scheme. The popular and award-winning CITIGO has been overhauled and juiced up with an all-electric motor as well a few design tweaks to accommodate the fantastic new changes. Read more

Skoda delivers a Superb announcement!

31 May 2019 

Fresh from winning the What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2019 Estate car of the year, the Skoda Superb is about to get much better. Skoda have announced that the Superb is getting a brand-new facelift. The new Superb will include new LED matrix headlights, a new front bumper and a radiator grille. Read more