There is a likely hood that you may have come across some sort of digital assistant within your home or on your mobile device. While digital assistants are becoming increasingly popular, one industry that has yet to tap into the power of digital assistants is the automotive industry. Skoda is about to change that approach with the launch of Laura who will be making her debut in the Skoda Kamiq and the Skoda Scala.

Laura is designed to make tasks within your vehicle easier and reducing the need to take your hands off the wheel. This ensures that you still retain vehicle functionality while keeping both eyes on the road. Instead of needing to reach around and press buttons simply say “Ok Laura” and tell Laura what you want to do.

While the default language for Laura is English, Laura is fluent in six languages with more being added in the not too distant future. Laura comes pre-loaded onto the top of the range Amundsen infotainment system and it is constantly evolving through machine learning thanks in part to the built-in eSIM which provides non stop access to the internet. It also means Laura can respond to questions and commands in a prompt manner, whether it is navigating to the nearest petrol station of having real-time traffic alerts and the alternative route mapped out for you.

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Published 14 Oct 2019  under