Last month we revealed the new Superb refresh and facelift that is coming to the Superb range. As part of the Skoda unveiling, it was also revealed that the Superb range will also be getting some exciting new models and trims.

The Skoda Superb iV is a brand-new plug-in hybrid electric that will be entering the range. The Superb iV will combine both an internal combustion engine, an electric motor and a large rechargeable battery.

Featuring a 1.4 TSI turbocharged engine, it will be connected via the clutch to a synchronous electric motor. This allows the driver to choose between two basic driving modes, electric or hybrid. When driving in hybrid mode, the smart systems implemented will assess the many different factors of the drive and will choose whether to enable one engine or both in order to match the driver’s requirements and minimising consumption.

Don’t worry though as all of this engine activity can be displayed on the interior instrument panels to ensure that are able to see it working and ensure you have control over the system. The internal battery takes around 3 and a half hours to charge from flat using a 3.6kE wall box and has a range of 55km (WLTP) in full electric mode.

While this might seem long for very little distance, the Superb iV features additional systems to ensure that your need to recharge is minimalised.  The Superb iV will feature a regenerative braking system that recharges the battery through harnessing the energy of braking much like F1 cars do through their KERS system. 

Utilising a hybrid system allows drivers to enjoy the comforts and features of the superb along with new features such as predictive cruise control, side assist and another new state of the art features while remaining eco-friendly.

The Superb iV hybrid is set to be released in the next few years but it wasn’t the only announcement that Skoda made regarding the Superb range.  

The Superb Scout was unveiled as part of the new announcements.  The Scout estate vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive to meet the modern requirements of those who live an active lifestyle and require power, performance, comfort and room. Customers will be able to choose between 2 of Skoda’s most powerful engines to date.

For those looking for a petrol version, they can expect a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with an output of 268bhp. For those who prefer diesel, they can expect a similar engine with an out put of 188bhp. Both variations with feature a seven-speed DSG and the all-wheel-drive system.

Interior wise, the Scout will feature a full range of luxury comfort packages wrapped within a wood effect and have a range of driver assist features that are accessible through the latest version of the infotainment systems. Bespoke 18-inch wheels will feature as standard but you will be able to have optional 19-inch whiles with a two-tone finish.

The Skoda Superb Scout will be launching in 2020. In the meantime, if you are looking for a new or used Superb why not give our sales team a call?

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