Skoda has a very long history with cycling given that Skoda first started out making bikes over 120 years ago. Fast forward to current times and Skoda still continues to support and engage with cycling in different ways. From developing new products such as the Klement micro-mobility bike to sponsoring the Tour de France and providing logistical support for the competition.

However, the Tour de France might be the biggest competitive cycling competition in the world but it still lacks one thing; the presence of female competitors.

This year has seen the fifth annual Donnons Des Elles au Vélo-Jour-1 (roughly translates to ‘Give the Girls a Bike’) supported by Skoda and their DSI Cycling Academy in partnership with Dame Sarah Storey and joined by this year by the InternationalElles.

Starting a day before the men’s Tour de France competition, 23 female cyclists took on all 21 stages of the Tour De France race cycling around 3,460 km and fully completing the tour. The aim is to continue to raise awareness about the inequalities of the tour and that women are just as capable as men in competition together on the tour.

Besides setting up the Skoda DSI Cycling academy and partnering with Dame Sarah Storey, Skoda is committed to amplifying the message of the Women’s Tour and Women’s cycling as a competitive sport.

We would like to say congratulations to all of this year’s competitors on the Women’s Tour.

If you would like to find out more about the women’s tour and how you can get involved with the DSI cycling academy, simply visit:

Get involved in the conversation and help us to drive equality for women’s cycling.  #ThisIsOurTime

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