The Skoda International Challenge is an annual event designed to test the best of the best on their knowledge of Skoda and their Technical abilities. In its 9th year, the 2019 International Challenge finals were held in Sibenik, Croatia.

Skoda UK mounted a strong challenge comprised of a team of finalists from across the Skoda UK network. In this year’s competition, the team finished a respectable 9th place out of the 32 teams, although it is also worth mentioning that the Skoda UK team gained five top 10 positions against the various categories.

Set against the backdrop of the Amadria Park resort in Sibnek, the Skoda UK team were put through their paces in their respective fields. This included individual test and challenges in the finalist’s respective fields. Teamwork was also a big focus for the 2019 challenge finals that included co-operative knowledge tests, a physical challenge based around the new Skoda Scala and work as a team to complete a specially designed escape room challenge.

We would like to congratulate the representatives of the Skoda UK team. We look forward to seeing next years team of Skoda UK representatives in action!

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