At Skoda, we are always looking to the future especially when it comes to maintaining the heritage of our cycling origins. Over the last few years, we have been heavily involved with developing the future of cycling in a number of ways.

We have continued to provide logistical support and sponsorship to the Tour De France. We have actively helped grow the tour De France brand and helped it grow into the biggest competitive cycling competition on earth.

The development of new schemes such as the Skoda DSI Cycling academy in partnership with Dame Sarah Storey to enable participation and champion equality for women cyclists. For us this is an important step in growing the women’s sport and providing more competitive opportunities.


Now in its fifth year, we continue to support the Donnons Des Elles au Vélo-Jour-1 (roughly translates to ‘Give the Girls a Bike’). By providing logistical support as well as a media platform in order to ensure that women can complete the 3,400km+ Tour and amplify the message of gender equality for the Tour De France.



For consumers, we are also thinking about the future of cycling and micro-mobility. As cities move towards a greener landscape, how will we be able to move around the city? Back in March, Skoda unveiled one potential solution, the Skoda ‘Klement’ micro-mobility concept (you can read more about it here).

We continue to partner with online magazine We Love Cycling to ensure that cycling always has an online presence and growing the magazines content in order to educate and inform more people about cycling. 

These are just a few of the steps that Skoda are taking to develop the future of cycling. Whether it's through social responsibility, participation growth, better awareness and media growth or new innovations, Skoda continues to build upon its original heritage.

To keep up to date with the latest developments and innovations, why not check out the Dedicated Skoda Cycling page at: .

Of course, if you need any accessories, bike racks and anything cycling related being added to your Skoda vehicle, why not give our sales team a call?

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