Students from the Skoda Auto Secondary Vocational School of Engineering have taken the award-winning Skoda Kodiaq and developed a brand-new impressive concept vehicle. Codenamed the Skoda ‘Mountiaq’, this pickup truck combines the performance of a touch SUV with the functionality of pick-up trucks.

The Mountiaq has been given a 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine with an output of 187bhp and 17” Rockstar II wheels with off-road tyres that help increase the ground clearance by an additional 100mm.  The body has been re-enforced and the roof the original Kodiaq was removed and resized in order to develop space for the rear panel of the driver’s cabin.

The front winch is framed with a bull bar and a raised air intake which highlights the rugged functionality of the Mountiaq to take on a variety of terrains and at the very least turn people’s heads.

The sunset orange colour co-ordinates both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The students have put some serious though into the comforts, design and features of the inside cabin space. Comfortable leather seats with orange stitching have been included along with the latest range of interior gadget and devices. There is also a 320W speaker system which is boosted by a whopping 2,000W amplifier and subwoofer. 

The finish includes a reinforced metal guard and chrome metal finish on the flatbed to enhance the design further. All of this makes for a compelling and visually stylish concept vehicle but hidden inside the various parts of the Mountiaq are some simply clever design innovations.

Utilising the ethos of Skoda’s ‘Simple Clever’ designs, the 35 students included a range of new and useful smart features. The Mountiaq doors project the Skoda logo onto the road when opened. The loading bay is illuminated and also features storage underneath its metallic bed panels. A range of LEDs also sits under the hood of the bonnet to illuminate the engine compartment when raised. It also projects the Skoda logo onto the engine bay. The brand logo and front grill also include lighting effects and the roof features its very own lightbar that projects brightly so drivers can see in tough conditions.

It took the students 2,000 hours of work over and eight-month period and we have to say that they have produced a truly impressive all terrain 4x4. Sadly, the Mountaiq remains as a concept only but you can see it in action in the video below.


Congratulations to the student team at Skoda on producing a great looking and functional concept vehicle!

Published 22 Jul 2019  under