It has been a great year so far for the Skoda Superb Earlier in the year, the Skoda Superb got a brand-new facelift along with a Sportline and L&K trim being made available. Then Skoda unveiled the Superb iV, the first hybrid model in the Superb range and it's very first plug-in hybrid.


All of this was unveiled back in July but new announcements for the Superb were still set to be unveiled. At the recent IAAF Frankfurt Motor Show, Skoda unveiled a brand-new version of the Superb iV, the Superb iV Sportsline.

While details are light at the moment with more information to come in the run-up to launch, we were treated to some key stats. The Superb iV Sportline will output a total of 160 kW total power with a range of 56km solely electric and a total driving range of 850Km.

We will bring your more details on the full line up of the Superb iV range and they are released, in the meantime, here is a sneaky up-close look at the Skoda Superb iV 1.4 TSI DSG announced at the IAAF.

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Published 07 Oct 2019  under