Wolverhampton - Stourbridge - Redditch

Sophia has been working for Stourbridge Volkswagen since graduating from University. She started part-time as a Showroom Host and is now a full time accredited Sales Executive. Her job role entails speaking to customers to identify their requirements and finding a product that fits.

Sophia Shakeri

“Selling cars is only a small part of this role,” said Sophia, “I would say that building a relationship with every customer that walks in the door is the most important aspect of the job. We also have to keep to Volkswagen standards and make sure that everything is the best that it can be from the showroom to our online presence”

For Sophia, the training she has undergone has given her the confidence to complete her job role successfully. Volkswagen have invested in her professionally and she has completed courses such as the International Basic Training for Sales Executives, and product training courses which gave her an insight into both the brand and the technology of the vehicles.

Sophia said, “Since being at Stourbridge Volkswagen, the main highlight of my career has been passing my accreditation. A lot of work went into it and I was extremely pleased when I passed. It gave me the confidence when speaking to customers that I sometimes lacked beforehand. The company is always willing to invest to help people develop, if my Brand Manager Simon Volans hadn’t taken a chance employing me I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“I’d recommend this job to anyone. It’s a great industry to work in and it’s good fun. The training courses are fantastic and its great experience. Working in sales is nothing like I thought it would be. You get to learn a lot and it’s a really fast-paced industry. We have a great team here with five women and four men working in sales. It works really well, having a balance is really important and it allows you to all bounce ideas off each other.”

Published: 22 Jul 2016  under Stourbridge Apprenticeship