Monday  24th December        Aftersales:                               08:30am – 12:30pm

                                           Accounts/Admin/Call Centre:     08:30am –  12:30pm

                                           Sales:                                      09:00am -    2:00pm



Tuesday  25th December         CLOSED


Wednesday  26th December     CLOSED


Thursday  27th December            NORMAL OPENING HOURS

                                                                -   All departments

Friday  28th December                 NORMAL OPENING HOURS

                                                                -   All departments


Saturday 29th December           NORMAL OPENING HOURS

                                                                 -  Sales and Aftersales


 Sunday 30th December             NORMAL OPENING HOURS

                                                                 -   Sales:   10-30am to 4:30pm


Monday  31st December              Aftersales:                               08:30am – 12:30pm

                                                 Accounts/Admin/Call Centre:    08:30am –  12:30pm

                                                 Sales:                                     09:00am -    2:00pm


Tuesday  1st January               CLOSED


Wednesday 2nd January               NORMAL OPENING HOURS

                                                               – All Departments

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