Learning to drive can be a daunting and overwhelming experience especially given everything you have to undertake in order to grab the slice of freedom that is a driving license.

There is a constant wave of information you need to take in especially when taking your theory test. It's not just situational awareness but signage plays a big part in the learning process and the early days of your new driver’s experience.

It can be extremely difficult to remember them all especially if you don’t regularly see the sign and this can make driving more worrying. However, driving is a constant learning experience and it is always good to brush up on your knowledge and skills.

Thankfully, the UK government has made a digital version of the signs included in the latest version of the highway code for free.

Simply click to download and you can then take it with you where ever you go on any digital device. Meaning you can ensure that you are always able to brush up on your knowledge when you have five minutes free.

Published 20 May 2019  under