Wolverhampton - Stourbridge - Redditch

There are snow and wintry shower predictions for the coming week in the UK. You may have already noticed the temperatures plummet and the roads become icier.

As you know driving in these conditions is very different to a normal, dry day! Trust Group UK want you all to be safe and have put together some tips to keep you safe over the winter period!

Preparing to travel:

  • Decide if the journey is essential
  • Allow for extra travel time for congestion and reduced speeds
  • Make sure your windscreen and mirrors are fully defrosted and not misty
  • Begin demisting by using a cold temperature and gradually raise, do not wipe as this can leave smears
  • Invest in a bottle of de-icer and a scraper
  • Check your windscreen wipers to make sure that nothing is trapped in them to prevent them from thoroughly wiping your windows and to make sure they are not worn
  • Check your tyres – the AA recommend 3mm of tread in the winter
  • Check that all fluids are topped up
  • Invest in windscreen wash that can cope with below freezing temperatures
  • Check that all lights are working properly and are visible

Driving in heavy rain:

  • Avoid areas prone to flooding
  • Stopping distances are increased in the rain, slow down and keep a good distance from the vehicle in front
  • Use dipped headlights to increase visibility

Driving in ice conditions:

  • Stick to major roads when possible, as these are more likely to be gritted
  • Drive more gently – do not act suddenly, do not break or accelerate harshly and avoid sharp steering
  • Keep your distance from vehicles in front
  • If your vehicle does skid, remove your foot from the accelerator and do not break harshly to prevent a major skid
  • Pull away in second gear
  • Lower your gears earlier than normal
  • Driving uphill – try to keep a slow, constant speed to prevent stopping
  • Driving downhill – slow down before the hill and use a low gear

Driving in snow:

  • Use the same tips for driving in icy conditions
  • Clear your roof and windows of snow
  • Used dipped headlights

Driving in fog:

  • Use headlights and fog lights
  • Fog lights should only be used in the fog, when visibility drops below 100 metres, which is roughly the length of a football pitch
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing your visibility


Be patient, drive safely.

Published: 09 Jan 2017  under Trust Group Winter driving Volkswagen Škoda