There are a number of myths doing the rounds regarding electric cars. With the recent launch of the e-Golf, we thought that now is the perfect time to bust some of the myths surrounding electric cars.

Myth: “I will be constantly running out of charge” 

Busted:  The technology is constantly developing and as a result, the range of electric cars is constantly increasing. The e-Golf can manage a range of approximately 144 miles on a single full charge. Given the average car, journey is around 5-10 miles, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice. Should you want to drive further than your average commute, you will have plenty of distance to go before you need to recharge the battery. There are electric pods all over the country and some even offer fast charge solutions that allow for your battery to fully charge in just 20 minutes. So whether you are just using it as a commuting car or want to explore further afield, you won't have to worry about the range on your electric car.

Myth: “Electric cars are more expensive”

True: Electric cars can certainly seem like they are more expensive initially but you will start to save money on refuelling which will more than make up the difference. A full charge costs around £3-4 of electric and you can easily drive 100 miles on a full charge. Now with petrol engine, 100 miles of driving is likely to cost you £15-20 at the fuel pump. There is also an incentive to change to electric cars, the UK Government has a grant scheme in place which can contribute up to £3,500 towards the cost of a new electric car.

Myth: “Electric cars are a nightmare to charge and there won’t be anywhere to charge it while I’m driving."

Busted: Electric Cars can be charged with an adaptor that uses your domestic mains plug while you are parked at home. This makes it easier for you and means it is compatible with your existing power outlet at home. You can have a charging pod fitted at home but that does incur additional costs. In regards to charging your electric car during journeys, there are over 16,500 charging points in the UK to date. Tesco’s recently announced that it will be adding a further 2,400 EV charging bays across 600 stores within the next three years making it more convenient and easier than ever to charge your car while away from your home.

Myth: “Constant charging will wear the battery out much quicker than a standard car and will require a costly replacement”.

Busted: It is more than likely that the battery in your EV will outlast the car itself. Modern batteries have been thoroughly improved upon and tested to ensure that they are capable of doing hundreds of thousands of miles. Some electric cars will come with a lengthy warranty specific to your battery when purchasing your vehicle. It is worth asking your retailer about this before completing your purchase. Given that electric cars require regular servicing much like a regular car, you will always be updated with regards to the health of your battery and be advised when you might need to replace it.

This is also something that is monitored on the in-car information screens as well. Ultimately, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the life expectancy of your electric car battery.

Myth: “If I drive in wet weather my electrics and battery are going to get wet and stop working also, I can’t wash my car”

Busted: Electric vehicles are designed to have tightly packed components that won’t come into contact with any liquids. You will be perfectly fine running your EV through a car wash or driving in wet weather. However, it is probably best that you avoid driving through large amounts of water such as fords or flooded roads to be on the safe side.

These are just some of the popular myths that we wanted to challenge but there is one we decided not to include and that is “Electric cars are boring to drive”. This is tricky because ultimately this is subjective. It could be argued that electric vehicles have better performance especially when it comes to accelerating from 0-60mph time. Then there are additional factors such as getting a longer drive which might require some comfort features of the car to be disabled or turned off. So, whether an electric car is boring to drive or not will depend on your driving style you develop while driving.

In the not too distant future, we will be bringing you some vlogs on living with an e-Golf for seven days. This is the perfect opportunity to bust the “boring to drive” myth for yourself.

Alternatively, if you want to experience it for yourself, why not contact our sales teams and see about booking a test drive in and e-Golf to see for yourself.

Published 17 Oct 2019  under