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Years after we were teased about the iconic Volkswagen Camper Van getting a 21st Century make-over, the ID. Buzz has finally had its world premiere unveiling courtesy of Volkswagen Brand Ambassador Ewan McGregor and the Volkswagen design team. 

The new ID. Buzz will start to appear on roads towards the end of the year and promises to be quite the driving experience. Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) serves as the platform for which the new ID. Buzz will be built upon allowing for future evolutionary developments in both software and technology such as over-the-air updates and more. 

A 77kWh battery will provide current to a 150-kW electric motor to drive forward the rear axle similar to the original T1 transporter. The position of the battery within the sandwich floor of the vehicle ensures that weight distribution is optimised and that the vehicle keeps a low centre of gravity. 

In terms of charging the ID. Buzz can be charged at a DC rapid charging station from 5% to 80% in about 30 minutes. New ID. Software will allow the ID.Buzz to offer a new ‘Plug and Charge’ function meaning that the vehicles can authenticate themselves at compatible DC rapid-charging stations for more convenience and a quicker way of getting your vehicle charged as soon as possible.  Additionally, the ID. Buzz features Bidirectional charging which feeds unneeded energy from the battery back to a driver’s home network via its special DC bidirectional wall box. 

The visual frame of the ID. Buzz builds upon the iconic design of the 1950s T1 and gives it that futuristic look and design that is fitting of moving into the era of electric mobility. From a design standpoint, this is highlighted by the V-shaped front panel, two-tone paintwork, and charismatic LED headlights.

Inside the ID. Buzz, space is important for life on the move and there is an abundance of it especially given the number of options owners will have to customise the layout. In its default setup, the lounge-like ambience ensures that five people have ample room for travelling in comfort along with 1,121 litres of capacity for luggage.

When the rear seats are folded down, the space increases to 2,205 litres. Owners can also choose to have two or three seats upfront and are able to have a fixed partition as well.

These are just some of the features and elements that have been unveiled so far as part of the world premiere and as we get closer to launch and open orders, more details will be released. We are excited to learn more in the coming months. If you missed the world premiere, you can re-watch the unveiling of a new icon below.

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Published: 21 Apr 2022