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Since the ID.3 had its world premiere earlier this year, Volkswagen has been releasing regular updates about the production and design philosophy along with the range and capabilities of the ID.3. The latest update from Volkswagen reveals some of the new features’ drivers can expect when the all-electric ID.3 launches next year.

We know the ID.3 will feature an augmented reality heads-up display within the cockpit. The ID.3 is also getting some additional new technology fitted to it. The hatchback will now feature voice controls options. However, communication is a two-way process and the ID.3 has a very clever way of responding and assisting drivers while driving. Utilising an LED strip that runs through the cockpit, the ID.3 will be able to visually communicate with drivers.

The ID Light will signal to drivers a range of different actions. The light can signal to a driver that the vehicles drive system is active and that the car is locked or unlocked. It can also enhance the various driver assist and navigations systems that are featured inside. The ID Light can respond to vehicular actions and prompt drivers to brake as well as notify drivers of incoming phone calls.

The visually communicative system is smart and can assist in reducing stress while driving in traffic and can blink to recommend changing lanes or warn a driver if they are in the wrong lane. It can also send a light signal to indicate whether the voice assistant is responding to the front passenger or driver. The lights can also communicate the level of charge that the ID.3 battery has available.

The ID light system has been designed to make the vehicle communicate in a way that isn’t intrusive and is more personable to the driver. The ID Light system adds additional character to the vehicle as do the headlights which have been designed to imitate eye movements giving the exterior additional character.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the ID.3 in the coming months. You can keep up to date via our blog, Facebook pages and you can even watch the development process of the ID.3 on our YouTube channel!


Published: 18 Nov 2019