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The wraps have been taken off to unveil the brand-new Volkswagen Golf. The new Golf was revealed during a special launch event in Wolfsburg. During the launch, a whole range of brand-new features and models were announced include five hybrid drive variations, two plug-in hybrid drive variants, two petrol variants, two diesel variants and even a natural gas drive variant. 

While the Golf Mark VIII has only had a few tweaks to its exterior over the Mark VII. The front has been given new-look rounded headlights and a new strip running from the headlights to the front roundel. The profiling on the sides has been enhanced to bring more focus to the C-pillar and give more presence to the rear which now features a raised bumper.

The new Golf will also feature the new Volkswagen branding with the Golf being spelt out in big letters underneath the rear VW logo. There is also the optional top-spec IQ light system running through the car and dynamic turn indicators.

What really makes the new Golf exciting is the way that new technology has been utilised throughout the new models. The new Heads-Up display projects the speedometer along with Adapted Cruise Control information displayed directly onto the windshield. Sat-Nav is displayed on the digital cockpit behind the steering wheel along with media settings and more.

The Mark VIII also features voice control and a 10-inch screen Innovision cockpit. The new design allows for the reduction of the visible profile of the air vents and removes physical buttons, instead of relying on the use of the touch screen. The physical button reduction theme continues through other controls where some have been changed to 'touch slide' controls including the roof controls if you are having the optional sunroof. The cockpit also features an optional lighting package (32 colours available) designed to illuminate the interior.

Along with a range of driver assistance systems, the Golf features the Car2X system. This system wirelessly connects with other Car 2X vehicles and systems on the road to provide real-time traffic updates and can update other system readiness such as the adaptive cruise control. The Golf will also feature a fitted eSIM that links to ‘We Connect’ and ‘We Connect Plus’ online functions and services. In the not too distant future, drivers will be able to purchase additional vehicle assistant systems and services directly from inside the car.

The Golf Mark VIII really is an evolution and revolution on the Mark VII. We are excited to find out more in the run-up to its release next year.

If you missed the world premiere live stream, you can watch it again below: 

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Published: 04 Nov 2019