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The T-Cross is designed to be #MoreThan1Thing so it can adapt to any and all drivers needs or requirements. Where ever you use your car, the small SUV is built to ensure that it can take on any situation. This means including a range of new driver features and assistance tools to accommodate modern driving habits and situations without compromising the vehicle or the driving experience. These features have been put to the test by The Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) which gave the T-Cross a five-star rating.

The Euro NCAP test is designed to be vigorous to ensure that safety standards in cars are high so, scoring a five-star rating is no mean feat.  During the tests, the T-Cross gained a 97% score in Adult occupant protection category and an 86% rating in child safety.  Its Highlights that whether you are purchasing a T-Cross for just yourself or your family you drive safe in the knowledge that everyone is protected in case of any unfortunate events.

The T-Cross has some pretty impressive features (read our blog) so it might not be surprising that it gained high scores across all categories and achieved a five-star rating after being put through its paces. The T-Cross has front assist area monitoring that includes pedestrian monitoring, a city emergency braking system, lane assist, blind spot monitor, associated rear traffic alert and hill start assist.

One of the most important features is the proactive occupant protection system. This closes windows and the sunroof while tensioning the seats belts and building up brake pressure if there is a risk of a possible accident.

While the T-Cross might be a small SUV, it is proof that small does not compromise safety in any way. If you are interested in the T-Cross and would like to book a test drive, contact our sales team below.


Published: 04 Jun 2019