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Christmas is of course about spending time with loved ones and sharing a few days off, having a nice meal and working through plenty of festive chocolates. It’s also the time for giving and receiving and we all like receiving presents and gifts!

While you may already have your favourite Volkswagen car, what gifts do you get for the ultimate VW fan that will probably already have everything they need for their Volkswagen?

Don’t worry, we have put together a handy list of gifts for the ultimate VW fan and included some gifts that you can also pick up from our dealerships.

WRC VW Polo R USB stick

Supercharge your portable storage solutions with this ace looking 8Gb WRC 2017-2018 USB stick. You probably have USB storage sticks but we bet they don’t look half as cool as this one?

It’s the perfect way to show your support for VW WRC team! Practical, function and cool. A great way to combine tech and your love for the WRC team.

Full range of various Thermo mugs

These subtle stainless-steel travel cup and thermos flasks will last you a while on long journeys and you’ll have the additional comfort of knowing that it won’t break easily.

It’s the perfect match to your Volkswagen when you set off into the cold winter weather every morning. There are lots of travel mugs out there, but do they match your car? Pick from a range of Volkswagen steel thermal mugs, or choose something a bit more colourful like and R-Line mug or GTI mug. There is a whole range available to perfectly match your Volkswagen.

Lego VW Camper bus 

Who doesn’t love Lego? (except when you stand on the pieces). Combining the iconic and fun VW camper van with Lego, make it a perfect match. Lego is perfect for adults and kids alike! It really is a great gift for those who are a fan of camping and the camper van.


Camper Van Tent

Carrying on the theme of camping, this VW camper van tent is a great gift for any campers in your life. The camper van might be gone from the showrooms for now, but this is the perfect way to show your appreciation in the spirit of the originals main purpose. A great thing to have on those days you want to get away and disappear into nature.

Pick from a full range of GTI merchandise

The Volkswagen GTI brand is still very strong after more than 40 years and continues to symbolise the sports performance of Volkswagen vehicles. The GTI moniker and performance has been applied to many of Volkswagens iconic models over the years. The 2019 version saw the introduction of a brand-new Golf GTI and rumour has it that there will be another GTI model coming in the next year or two. With 40 years of history, there is bound to be someone you know who is a die-hard GTI fan.

Thankfully we have a whole range of GTI merchandise that you can pick up that would make the perfect gift for any GTI fan.

Those are just a few suggestions from us about ideal gifts for the Volkswagen fans and owners in your life. If your passing by our dealerships, you can also pop in and pick up these great festive gifts from our sales team.

Here are a few other recommendations from our team:

Bam the Ram Toy, Thermo Mug, and various phone cases.

Perfect for the next generation of VW fans.

 Baby bib socks, Baby Suit (age 6-9 months) VW Football

For the VW camper fan in your life (plus Lego!).

Soft Camper van Teddy, Camper Van Washbag & Camper Van Lego

We hope that this has given you some inspiration!

Why not pop down and see us or give our sales team a call.

Published: 17 Dec 2019