The New Touareg

18 Mar 2019 

The new Touareg is already gathering some great reviews thanks to some of its redesign elements and several performance upgrades over the previous models. The stylish SUV has also been receiving praise for its clever use of technology inside the cockpit and including a broader range of features for drivers such as trailer assist which makes towing and parking trailers much easier. Read more

The T-Cross is coming...

14 Mar 2019 

Volkswagens first baby SUV, the T-Cross is nearly here! The T-Cross will officially be launched on the 13th April and we will be holding a special launch weekend event. Read more

The new e-Golf has arrived

14 Jan 2019 

The e-Golf is now available throughout our Volkswagen Trust Group sites and there is plenty of opportunity to test drive one of the first 100% electric Volkswagen Golfs. The e-Golf is the latest evolution of the Golf to hit the UK and delivers the same hard-hitting design, style and driving experience people have come to love about the original Volkswagen Golf. 2019 will see five thousand e-Golfs on UK roads with more to come in the not too distant future. Read more

FAQ’s of Electric cars:

09 Jan 2019 

This month we have already been taking the first deliveries of the 100% electric e-Golf (you can find out more about the e-Golf here). We thought it might be helpful to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about electric cars Read more

Why work at Volkswagen Trust?

20 Dec 2018 

The New Year is just on the horizon and brings with it plenty of new challenges and opportunities. We at Volkswagen Trust have some big plans for 2019 which we could not achieve without our fantastic staff. Read more

Tesco's to drive forward electric vehicles

13 Dec 2018 

One of the biggest issues around electric vehicles has been around infrastructure and the need to increase the amount of charging stations available. Tesco’s is set to help solve this issue with a new partnership powered by Pod Point. Read more

The Buzz around electric cars

10 Dec 2018 

The history of electric cars stretches all the way back as far as the origins of the motor industry. Since the introduction of the Flocken Elektrowagen in 1888, electric cars have come a long way. Some have even left the planet like the lunar rovers used in the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 mission or the Tesla Roadster that left the earth earlier this year. Read more

Top 5 gifts for Volkswagen fans

22 Nov 2018 

Christmas is of course about spending time with loved ones and sharing a few days off having a nice meal and plenty of festive chocolates. It’s also the time for giving and we all like to receive presents and gifts! You might already have your favourite Volkswagen car but what gift do you get for the ultimate VW fan that will probably already have everything they need? Don’t worry, we have put together a handy list of gifts for the ultimate VW fan and also some gifts that you can also pick up from our dealerships. Read more

Simple tyre safety checks

12 Nov 2018 

Tyre safety is an extremely important part of maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis. You may be forgiven for thinking this is something you only need to be aware of during the cold and wet winter seasons. Really, its something that should be considered all year round. Read more

Winter is here!

12 Nov 2018 

The John Lewis and Coke-a-Cola Christmas adverts have arrived on our screens which can mean only one thing, Winter is officially here! To be fair, you have probably noticed this much sooner thanks in part to the drastic changes in the UK weather. It does mean that now really is the perfect time to start thinking about the winter maintenance of your vehicle before the Christmas season really kicks into full gear. Read more

Introducing the new e-Golf

06 Nov 2018 

The Volkswagen Golf has always been an iconic car that has continually evolved with the times. Next year sees the latest evolution of the VW Golf with the launch of the e-Golf. By the second half of 2019, five thousand e-Golf will be on UK shores and driving around the country. Read more

Winter is Coming!

15 Oct 2018 

Winter is coming as you might be able to guess from the increase in darker days. A change in season means an inevitable change in weather. The UK is notorious for being poorly equipped to deal with the changing weather in the winter months especially if it happens to snow. It can be a nightmare driving to or from work or doing the schools run. Preparation and service will be key to your journeys in the coming months. Here are a few pre-checks you can do yourself to ensure that your winter travels don’t turn into winter nightmares: Read more

Fun facts about the VW group and its vehicles

12 Oct 2018 

Vehicles we drive are extremely important to us as we use them every day for all kinds of things. We name them, clean them, maintain them and make memories. But how much do we know about their heritage and background? Read more

Finding your perfect match

12 Oct 2018 

In 2017, over 8.1 million used cars changed hands. That is a lot of used cars, right? So how do you navigate it all? Where can you find your perfect match? What should you look for in a used car? Where can you get the best advice? Read more