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Tyre safety is an extremely important part of maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis. You may be forgiven for thinking this is something you only need to be aware of during the cold and wet winter seasons. Really, its something that should be considered all year round.

We thought we would share with you some simple ways on how you can regularly check your tyres without too much inconvenience. The added benefit of knowing you are driving safe all year round is certainly comforting as well avoiding a £2,500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre.

Realistically you should be checking your all your tyres once a month including any spares you might have. It is important to check the general state of your tyre to make sure there is no major visible damage and ensure that the air pressure is correct for your vehicle. Most fuel stations have air compressors, so if your air pressure is a little low you should be able to top up the air pressure easily enough. If you are going on a long journey, these checks are just as important as making sure you’ve packed all the luggage you need.

By ensuring your tyre pressure is correct, you can make sure that whatever the weather and conditions, you are able to keep control of the car and not worry about the handling and grip. Under or overinflated tyres can cause irregular or unpredictable car behaviour which is certainly something you want to avoid. If you are unsure about the correct pressure, you can pop into your local dealer or check your vehicles handbook.

Another majorly important aspect of making sure your tyres are safe involves looking at the tread depth. Legally, you should have at least 1.6 mm of tread across the central three-quarter across the tyre’s entire circumference. The best way to check this is by using a special depth checking tool, however, if you don’t have one you can use the 20p coin method.

Keeping your tyres clean regularly will help ensure that they are not impacted by lodged stones etc. It is also a good opportunity to make sure nothing such as a nail etc has directly embedded itself into the tread. Finally, make sure your tyre caps are all in place and there is no cracks or damages. It's amazing how such a small thing can have a large impact, so keep an eye out.

Regular checks and maintenance don’t usually take up too much of your time and can give you peace of mind so you can focus on your driving. That being said, it won’t hurt to have an expert at your local Trust dealer to take a look at your tyres for you and they are the best people to answer any questions you might have to ensure that you can focus on simply enjoying you’re driving.



Published: 12 Nov 2018