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The Volkswagen Golf has always been an iconic car that has continually evolved with the times. Next year sees the latest evolution of the VW Golf with the launch of the e-Golf. By the second half of 2019, five thousand e-Golf will be on UK shores and driving around the country.

This mark a momentous change for both VW and the iconic Golf as the car industry moves towards more sustainable and eco-friendly cars that can deliver performance and smarts to boot. The new e-Golf is a testament to VW’s commitment to investing in these areas while still retaining the driving experiences and quality it is known for around the world.

The new e-Golf will be able to reach speeds of approximately 93 mph and will be packing 135bhp within its electric motors.  The battery range of the new e-Golf should reach 144 miles (WLTP) on a single charge although that will more than likely be a realistic range of 125 miles. The distance can vary depending on your usage of the new smart driving modes of which you control in order to maximise your range in real time. Thanks to the new recuperative braking technology, you can reclaim the kinetic energy from braking and have it transfer directly back into your battery.

The e-Golf is also extremely efficient and cost effective to run. A full charge usually takes around 13hrs* and can be charged pretty much anywhere there is a power point or at home using a standard household three pin plug. A full charge will cost around approximately 85p which is great considering how the range you can achieve on one full charge.

The new e-Golf is also much clever and includes the intelligent driver assistance system built in. Car-Net app integration also allows for you to fully monitor your car. You can remotely start and stop battery charging, view your current battery level and the range you will get on your current charge. The really clever part though is you can see all your vehicle data including how much it costs your when charging your vehicle at certain times to better optimise how much charging costs you.

The e-Golf retains the iconic Golf design, performance and style making the transition to electric a familiar and smooth process without losing anything your enjoyment of the Golf.

The e-Golf is everything you love about the Golf, electrified!

Contact us about the new e-Golf today and find out how you can potentially gain £3,500 towards the cost through the UK governments’ OLEV plug-in grant scheme.


Published: 06 Nov 2018