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What Is Motability

In 1976, the UK Government introduced the Mobility Allowance as a way for recipients to choose the best way of meeting their mobility needs. 

Then in July 1978, the Motability Scheme was established and designed to help disabled people gain independent movement instead of being housebound and dependant on others for their mobility.  

Since the introduction of the Motability Scheme, over four and a half million cars, scooters, and powered wheelchairs have been provided to help disabled people with their Motability needs.  

Anyone who receives a higher rate mobility allowance (such as the Enhanced Rate of Mobility Components of Personal Independence Payment or the Higher Rate of Mobility Components of Disability Living Allowance) can use their mobility allowance to lease a car.  

The process is designed to be easy with a choice of numerous vehicles that can be customised to your needs with running costs such as insurance (for up to three named drivers), servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, tyre and windscreen repairs, and replacements are automatically taken care of. All you need to do is add fuel and go!  

Applicants can choose a standard lease over three years (five years if you are leasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle) which is automatically deducted from your higher rate mobility allowance every week and paid to us by the Department for Work and Pensions.   

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