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Warning lights come on the dashboard to alert you to specific problems, modern cars are getting more intricate with far more electrical components than they used to have and not all errors will result in a warning light appearing on your dashboard.

90% of logged faults don’t always show a symptom or a warning.

Many faults and inconsistencies in your electrics could lead to more problems in the future, costing you more money for repair bills that could be inexpensive or free (for vehicles with errors covered under warranty) if seen sooner than later. Our trained technicians can advise you of this, and if there are problems will quote you for any repair work required.

Volkswagen models from 2004 onwards are fitted with CAN (Controller Area Network) which is one computer that controls all the computers for your car.

What Will We Do?

We will test your vehicle on the Manufacturer Diagnostics computer, once the vehicle has been scanned and the diagnostic code(s) recorded (where possible) we will provide you with a printout detailing the fault.

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*A £60 (non-refundable) charge covers 30 minutes of diagnostic checking. If the problem requires further time to resolve or repair, our service advisors will contact you to discuss the issue or to advise the cost of repair*

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